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Animexis Scans Status – July 2014

Well, it’s time to tidy up the project list and report our status. Let’s see…

Witch Craft Works
It’s sad to let go one of our best projects, but after Cham retired from scanlation, we weren’t able to find any translator interested in the series. Also, note that this is a licensed series, so we’ll have to delete all the download links very soon. With mangatraders gone, you better grab them all while you can. Our final release will be ch27 in a few days. We could continue the series if a new translator is willing to work with us, otherwise, the plan to drop it is on.

Deux Ex Machina
We are slow as usual. but it’s still an active series. Don’t worrry, we’ll get done those last 3 chapters to complete the series

Hozuki-san chi no aneki + imouto
No issues at all. The raws of ch4 are scanned and the translator is gonna start soon with the chapter.

We are good if we continue at our snail pace, but it would be nice to get one extra translator to speed up things, and also a translator checker. Really guys, come and help!

Homeland Ming
This short Chinese doujinshi is already translated and we only need to release the last chapter, but I just can’t bring myself to work with the chapter. I never liked that much the series, sorry. Can someone come and get it done?

The scanlation front is okay, but there won’t be new chapter in Japan next month. Cross your fingers so that it’s not another hiatus! I got raws for volume 6 and there’s an extra page to translate, it’s just a 4koma included in the cover of the tank. We’ll translate that later. The scanlation of ch28 is in progress, just wait a couple of weeks for the release.

Wrestle the Under Ground
Nothing to report, things are slow, but it’s okay for now. Want more speed? come and help.

Yuzu chu
Sometimes I think we’ll never release this one… I’m currently redoing the typesetting of ch1, so let’s see if we can do finally a release this weekend.

We are finally dropping this series, we couldn’t get a translator to continue, only promises, but no real scripts.

Sugar wa Otoshigoro
Still on hold, but it won’t be dropped for now.

Same as above.

New project: Mirai Nikki Mosaic Keshi
A short series, it has 8 chapters in one single volume and we have 5 of them already translated, but we don’t have translator for the final 3 chapters. Come and help!! the first release will be next week.

We have also another new project, but it’s still in progress, so no announcement for now.


  1. I can’t believe it! There is still hope for Sugar wa Otoshigoro? I thought that this series was dropped, stabbed and buried for good. Even if you never really get around to finishing it it’s nice that you at least remember about it 🙂

  2. are you really going to drop WCW? man this hurts…

    • Sorry, but no translator wants to do something already released in mangafox or other places. I tried, but no one is really interested.

      • uh i think im missing the point…. what isnt? there’s any other chapter released in any manga*** that you or that /a/non didnt scanlate…

        • Everything available in Japan is already scanlated. Not by us, but yeah, there won’t be any shortage as long as the /a/nons are in charge, they even release the newest chapters before I get my new copy of Good Afternoon.

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