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Inu Saru – ch.3

It seems this series has people kinda pissed because of the characters… anyway, read and let the rage begin. Try to enjoy it! This series is a joint project with the pals at PinkFatale.

Inu Saru Warui 3

Inu Saru Warui 3 – Everything as collateral

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Inu Saru was brought to you by:
Translation: Demo (animexis)
Raws/QC: Kanapox (animexis)
Cleaning/Typesetting: Quorra (pinkfatale)

Bad news people: this month’s raws were seized by the stupid Mexican customs. It seems because of the REALLY SUSPICIOUS and dangerous PVC figure of Shinji Hikari (gashapon size) included in this month’s Young Ace, now I need to get some special sanitary permission or whatever. Yeah, I hated that lame character too, but this is too much… In any case, the fastest and probably cheaper thing to do is to forget about it and buy again that stuff from amazon, asking them to dispose of the extras included in the magazine. I’m REALLY pissed. Oh, right, some other group decided to pick up this series too. Terrific. Go ahead, and release ch4, cause we won’t be able to do it in several days. The worst thing is that the new hozuki series will be affected by this. I may as well work with any raws available in the net. So please, please, if anyone has raws for the first chapter of Hozuki-san, help us!!!

In other things… bah! I was meaning to release today Yuzu chu, but I kinda feel frustrated, so expect it for the next weekend. WTU 10 will be released too this weekend, so expect Yuzu ch1, WTU10 and Teppu26.

We still need a translator for Ziggurat, a redrawer for Teppu and other series, and an extra experienced cleaner would be nice too. Also, if you can afford it, please help us with your kind donations to keep buying raws. See ya later!


  1. Thanks for the new chapter 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! 🙂

  3. Hey there, I finished the translation for Hozuki-san. I was working off garbage raws, so it looks like we’ll have to wait until you get good ones to get started.

    • Actually, I don’t mind to release a LQ version now. I may need an extra week or more to get good raws. I’m still contacting both Amazon and DHL to see if I can do something to release that shipment. Or I can even try to contact other scanlators who buy Young Ace… I’ll do that before going to bed or tomorrow first thing in the morning.

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