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Teppu – ch.17

Teppu – ch.17

Gee, I can’t believe our last release of Teppu was so long ago! Well, let’s gonna fix that – I’m currently finishing the QC of chapter 18, so expect the next chapter very soon, in the meanwhile, enjoy this one.

Teppu chapter 17

Teppu ch.17 – I wanna go all out.

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This is our first release in the new site. We have again a RSS feed, so get subscribed to get notified when we make a release. You can also like us in facebook or follow us in twitter. We need Japanese translators for Ziggurat, Sugar wa Otoshigoro and a couple of new projects, so please join us! We also need good cleaners for Wrestle the Under ground.


  1. Very cool, thanks a lot!!

  2. Uuuuuh, I’m so excited right now! Arigatou!

    Can’t recall the story until now, though…

  3. Thank you guys 🙂

  4. Wow, great to see this back! Thanks everyone. Hoping to see more to come?

    • Yup, QC of Teppu 18 is in progress. I wanted to have it released today, but I still need to scan raws of other 2 series at least. But don’t worry, it’s coming very soon.

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