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Teppu – ch.18

Teppu – ch.18

It’s showtime for Natsuo! Her first fight in the tournament is about to begin. Enjoy the chapter!

Teppu chapter 18

Teppu ch.18 – Your eyebrows are so thick.

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  1. Super cool, a great new chapter, thanks a lot!!

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  5. it was great 😀

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  8. My Antiheroine Cannot Be This Weird And Adorable! :V

  9. >Ending
    Wow can’t wait for the next chapter. I never felt like this before, I want the next chapter so much…

  10. That was incredible! Was waiting so long for this, can’t wait for the following chapters!

  11. I love this manga. Thanks for the release, and I’m super hype for the fight with Sanae next chapter.

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  14. that really was fast, thanks, also great as always.

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  15. Is this still on hiatus because of the author being sick?

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    I hope the hiatus will end soon…

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