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Okay, I finally moved the site to another hosting. Worpress is back, so we have again a RSS feed and other goodies. Oh, right… Where’s the content? the releases and all that? Just wait a little, please. I’m still fixing A LOT of things. So there’s really nothing to see here. No page of releases, no forum, nothing. Unfortunately I gotta get out for the weekend, so I’ll get back next Monday to finish the moving. Sorry!! It’s really beyond my control.

Update (2013.03.30): The most important stuff is already done. The blog is ready, the manga reader is active and working, and all the download links (or at least almost all of them) should be working. All I need to do is setup the forum, but there’ll be some changes about that. Since the activitiy in the forum was almost zero no one is gonna miss it, so I’m gonna close the access to everyone, it will be used only for staff related matters and the organization of the scanlation work. For the visitors there will be a chatbox in the side bar, and of course, you can leave your comments in the posts of the blog. I’ll also setup a contact form. Back to the releases, We’ll get back on track starting next week. Thanks for waiting!


  1. The orange web icon you have (next to the address bar) looks weird.
    I preferred the old red one.

    • that’s the default icon that came with the theme. I didn’t even had time last Friday to change it to our own icon. Several things should be ready by the end of today

  2. Website is looking great!!!

    • Thanks, I’m still doing more stuff… I’ almost done, I just need to do some images, setup the forum again and we’ll be ready to make releases next week.

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