• Witch Craft Works

    Witch Craft Works

    Takamiya Honoka, a regular student, sits next to Kagari Ayaka, the idol of the school, a perfect girl in every way. Her hostile legion of fans harass anyone close enough to their princess, so Takamiya-kun is always in troubles. One day Takamiya faces an attack from someone unknown, but he is rescued by a powerful sorceress of fire... Kagari Ayaka herself!!

  • Teppu


    Ishidou Natsuo is a gifted girl who can achieve anything she wants in sports. Because of this she is permanently bored, as there aren’t any real challenges to her abilites to make her feel alive. One day she receives an invitation of a merry girl to join her martial arts club. Irritated by her happy expression, Natsuo decides to accept the invitation just as a pretext to beat her up, but she receives a shocking surprise.

  • Isuca


    Looking for a job to pay his rent, Shinichirou is hired to do housekeeping for his classmate Sakuya, but he doesn't know that she belongs to a clan dedicated to exterminate demons, and he's about to help her in that job too!

  • Hozuki-san chi no aneki

    Hozuki-san chi no aneki

    Gorou has a crush on his older step sister Haru. Unfortunately for Gorou, Haru happens to love teasing him sadistically in every way possible. This is a 4-koma crack comedy about their wacky day to day life and interactions.

Teppu – ch.29

Finally! the chapter is done. Thanks a lot to Valve Time who cleaned the chapter. Enjoy it!

Teppu chapter 29

Teppu 29 – Like an ocean full of eyebrows.

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Teppu was brought to you by:
Translation: AnonymouSA
Cleaning: Valve Time
Typeseting: Kanapox

AnonymouSA, if you are reading this, please contact me ASAP to continue with Teppu 30.

That’a all for now, see ya later, pals!

Wrestle! The Under Ground – ch.11

After a long wait, more WTU. This series is a joint project with our friends of Simple-Scans. Enjoy the release.

Wrestle! the Under Ground chapter 11

WTU ch. 11 – What should I do?

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Wrestle! The Under Ground was brought to you by:
Raws/QC: Kanapox (animexis)
Translation: Prozess (Simple Scans)
Proofreading: Bombardier (Simple Scans)
Cleaning: Schthaxe (Simple Scans)
Redrawings: Zazuma (Simple Scans)
Typesetting: Klorblade (Simple Scans)

Sorry if this is brief, I cought a cold again, so I won’t do any detailed report of our status this time. I’m still working in the cleaning of Teppu 29 in the brief moments I have time. Regarding Hozuki, there are no translator for the series, so it’s on hold until further notice. See ya later pals.

Deus Ex Machina – ch.25

Did you miss Machina? it’s loli time again, enjoy the chapter.

Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina 25: Enforcement’s Beacon Signal

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Deus Ex Machina is brought to you by:
Raws: Kanapox (animexis)
Translation: tiRAWRmisu (riceballicious)
Proofing:Grenciae (riceballicious)
Cleaning: Bobway (riceballicious)
Typesetting: Newnew145 (riceballicious)
QC: tiRAWRmisu (riceballicious)

As you can read, most of the work was done by the pals of Riceballlicious, so it’s kinda weird to announce this as a joint. Anyway, please join us people! we need translators, proofers and cleaners.

Well, two more chapters and this series is done!

Hozuki-san chi no aneki + imouto ch.4

Sorry for the delay guys, here’s aneki, enjoy the chapter!

Hozuki-san chi no aneki + imouto chapter 4

HCnA plus Imouto – Chapter 4

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Hozuki-san chi no aneki plus imouto was brought to you by:
Translation: Royal
Raws/Cleaning: Kanapox
Typesetting: Badgerkins

Unfortunately, I have bad news: we no longer have a translator for this series. Royal will help us until chapter 5, but after that, we are unable to continue. Please come and help us!
We also need help with Isuca: a translator and a good proofreader.

Well, that’s all for now. Before I go: if you can afford it, please support us with a donation so that we can buy manga to scanlate. See you later, pals!

Teppu – ch.28

We are late with this chapter due to some unexpected issues with my PC. Sorry about that pals, and thanks for bearing with us. Park is awesome this chapter, enjoy it!

Teppu chapter 28

Teppu 28 – As soon as we met, I wanted to ask you to leave.

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Teppu was brought to you by:
Translation: AnonymouSA
Everything else: Kanapox

Chapter 29 is expected in Japan next September 5th, so I guess we could release it a couple of weeks later. It’s supposed to be a long chapter (40 pages), so I assume it’s gonna be the end of the match of Mawatari.

Regarding the issues with my PC, I haven’t been able to scan raws, but I hope to have that fixed this Wednesday. Hozuki 4 is cleaned, translated and waiting for typesetting, so wait a few days for the release. Ch5 is still not scanned, but I’ll do my best to have it scanned this week. Deus Ex Machina is almost ready to be released I just need to coordinate the release with the pals of Riceballicious.

Well, that’a all for now, see ya later, pals!

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