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Witch Craft Works – ch.26

The battle against Weekend is near to conclude, but it seems she has still some tricks for Takamiya… enjoy the chapter!

Witch Craft Works

Ch 26 – Takamiya-kun vs Weekend (part 9)

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Witch Craft Works is brought to you by:
Raws/QC: Kanapox
Translation: Cham
Cleaning: Havertony/Kanapox

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Well, that’s all for now. I’ll update later the shoutbox with news about the next releases or the status of our projects. See ya!

Teppu – ch.23

“Superman punch!!” I love that. Well, sorry for the long wait, the chapter is finally done. Enjoy it!

Teppu chapter 23

Teppu 23 – The End of the World.

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Teppu was brought to you by:
Raws/QC: Kanapox
Translation: Cham
Proofing: Anonymous
Cleaning/Typesetting: Kanapox

And of course, you may be tempted to ask when is the next chapter… okay, ch24 is already scanned, but everything else is pending. Chapter 25 is already translated and everything else is pending. Chapter 26 will be published in Japan next March 7th. Chapters 24-25 are shorter than the previous ones, and there are less double pages to join, so I think we can release them before ch26 hits the streets. Wanna help with Teppu? If you can redraw, please use the contact form and send me a message.

Now that Teppu is doing well, it’s time for our other projects. Our next release will be WCW, and then Isuca. Deus Ex Machina may come some time after/before that, it seems it’s almost done.

Wrestle! The Under Ground – ch.9

This chapter was supposed to be released in December, but as I said in my previous post, I had some real life issues preventing me from any scanlation activity. Read and enjoy!

Wrestle! The Under Ground is a joint project with our friends of Simple-Scans.

Wrestle! the Under Ground chapter 9

WTU chapter 9 – From the underground

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Raws/QC: Kanapox
Translation: Dailow
Cleaning: Schthaxe
Redraws: Kundumstaf
Proofreading: Bombardier
Typeset: Kyurin

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I know, I know… I can read your mind: “Where’s Teppu?” As I said before, our priority projects are: 1)Teppu 2)Witch Craft Works and 3)Isuca. That doesn’t mean we are not gonna release the other pending stuff. Before our hiatus we had some stuff almost ready to release, so you may see some of those chapters being released here and there. That doesn’t mean we are changing priorities, it’s just to decrease the list of pending stuff. Regarding Teppu ch23, the progress is around 50%. It will be released either on Wednesday or Friday of this week, hopefully. We still have no translator appointed for Teppu 24, but a translator from another group may be interested on it – he said he’ll tell us after we release ch23. Witch Craft Works will be released after Teppu 23, followed by Isuca.

Oh, before I forget: we need translators, so don’t be shy and contact me. Please don’t use the forum to apply, it has some bugs that I have no time to fix.

Animexis Scans Status – February 2014

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. Our last post was 2 months ago and it wasn’t even a release. This post is to explain what the heck is going on here at animexis.

The full story is kinda long, and you probably are not interested in the drama in my life, so all I can say is that I had to move for second time in less than a year to a new home. Last December I had to invest all my time looking for a new job and home (yup, a new job too) and I finally moved the first days of January. I landed a temporal job a few days later. Then I had to reorganize everything at home. There were no basic services (I still have no phone line nor internet) and all my stuff was stored in boxes. I still have some boxes to unpack even now, but I’m getting near to get a stable life. However, I’m kinda worried about my internet connection: the only provider available in the area says that currently there a no plans to give service to new users, so now I have to share the slow wi-fi network of my kind neighbor. Bye-bye anime in streaming via crunchyroll *sigh* I guess I won’t need that subscription anymore. Now I have to spend some hours to download a single chapter by torrent. Oh, well, enough of that. Let’s go to the scanlation stuff:


My last contact with the translator who was helping us was 2 months ago, so we have no translator for Teppu. I had to ask Cham (for those who don’t know, he’s the translator of WCW) to translate chapter 23, and so he did, so expect a release in a few days, I just need to edit the chapter. It’s a long chapter, but I’ll try to have it done this weekend. For chapter 24 I’ll ask another pal to help us. If no one is available, I’ll have to pay for a script or something, I’ll figure out something, but don’t worry, Teppu is by far my favorite manga series, and I want to keep reading that epic series as much as you do, believe me.

Witch Craft Works

As I said before, Cham had to spend some time translating Teppu instead of WCW, but don’t worry, it was only for one chapter, so more WCW is coming soon. The arc of Takamiya-kun vs Weekend is about to finish, and I hope we can finish it in some weeks.

And the other series? well, we have a scripts done for Isuca, Deus Ex Machina and Wrestle the undergound. There are other pending stuff to release, like Yuzuchu, Shururun, Mirai Nikki Erasure and others, but the most important stuff (Teppu and WCW) comes first.

Oh, by the way: we are fine about raws, so don’t worry. The only exception is that I was stupid enough to not buy on time the magazine Young Animal Island and we have no raws for Itadaki ch10 – the magazine is sold out and we won’t be able to buy it. But let’s not worry about that one for now.

Well, that’s all for now. Expect more news and updates in a few days, I need to dedicate all my free time getting ready the next release of Teppu and WCW. See you soon, pals!

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