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Animexis Scans Status – July 2014

Well, it’s time to tidy up the project list and report our status. Let’s see…

Witch Craft Works
It’s sad to let go one of our best projects, but after Cham retired from scanlation, we weren’t able to find any translator interested in the series. Also, note that this is a licensed series, so we’ll have to delete all the download links very soon. With mangatraders gone, you better grab them all while you can. Our final release will be ch27 in a few days. We could continue the series if a new translator is willing to work with us, otherwise, the plan to drop it is on.

Deux Ex Machina
We are slow as usual. but it’s still an active series. Don’t worrry, we’ll get done those last 3 chapters to complete the series

Hozuki-san chi no aneki + imouto
No issues at all. The raws of ch4 are scanned and the translator is gonna start soon with the chapter.

We are good if we continue at our snail pace, but it would be nice to get one extra translator to speed up things, and also a translator checker. Really guys, come and help!

Homeland Ming
This short Chinese doujinshi is already translated and we only need to release the last chapter, but I just can’t bring myself to work with the chapter. I never liked that much the series, sorry. Can someone come and get it done?

The scanlation front is okay, but there won’t be new chapter in Japan next month. Cross your fingers so that it’s not another hiatus! I got raws for volume 6 and there’s an extra page to translate, it’s just a 4koma included in the cover of the tank. We’ll translate that later. The scanlation of ch28 is in progress, just wait a couple of weeks for the release.

Wrestle the Under Ground
Nothing to report, things are slow, but it’s okay for now. Want more speed? come and help.

Yuzu chu
Sometimes I think we’ll never release this one… I’m currently redoing the typesetting of ch1, so let’s see if we can do finally a release this weekend.

We are finally dropping this series, we couldn’t get a translator to continue, only promises, but no real scripts.

Sugar wa Otoshigoro
Still on hold, but it won’t be dropped for now.

Same as above.

New project: Mirai Nikki Mosaic Keshi
A short series, it has 8 chapters in one single volume and we have 5 of them already translated, but we don’t have translator for the final 3 chapters. Come and help!! the first release will be next week.

We have also another new project, but it’s still in progress, so no announcement for now.

We need staff!!!

Well, things are not going well here for most of our series, so we need help ASAP. While it’s not new for animexis to be under staffed (it’s more like a permanent thing), this time things are getting too dangerous. Let’s see the details:

Witch Craft Works
Cham retired from active duty some days ago, so we don’t have a translator for this series. Should we try to get a replacement? 4chan has already released everything available, and in any case, the series is licensed and an official release will be available in the near future anyway. Is there someone willing to help us?

Our translator has been promising week after week that he would hand over a script, but it’s clear that it’s not going to happen. So yeah, Isuca is again in need of a translator. I think I can get a temporal replacement for one chapter, but we really need a permanent translator for this series. HEEEEEELP!!! onegai? Update: the translator is baack! So we are safe for now.

Fortunately, we are fine about translations. But our proofer, who was doing a great job, seems to be no longer active, so we need a new proofer. It should be easy to find one, don’t you think? Wrong!! it’s actually very hard to find a good proofer. A lot of them get a little too carried away and try to improve the flow of the dialogue, only to modify the script changing the original meaning of several sentences. That’s a no-no! We need a good proofer who can really improve the dialogues and fix the grammar without changing the meaning of the sentences. Update: the proofer is also back in business! again, we are safe for now.

Hozuki-san chi no aneki plus imouto
We need a proofer for this series. Same requirements as above. Also, if he/she can work fast would be a very nice plus. With more people involved in a project, there are more chances for delays when someone of the staff is slow. Unfortunately most of the times that “someone” is me, so that position is already filled!! (not exactly a joke, but…) Update: We have 2 applications for proofer, so we are good for now.

Some other series are in the same status: Ziggurat (no translator) and Sugar Wa Otoshigoro (no translator)

Update: We still need translators for WCW, Ziggurat and Sugar.

If someone is willing to help, please use the contact form and send me a message. Thanks!

Animexis Scans Status – April 2014

There are several things to report, so I’ll go straight to the point:

MediaFire account suspended. I got 3 files with copyright complaints in my account, so it got suspended by MF. Most of the releases of this group were hosted there, so, in short, all the past releases are lost. Well, not exactly lost, but I’ll have to reupload almost everything. That’s more than 200 files, so you have 2 options: you either go to mangatraders and get those files, or wait until I upload at least the most popular files. Just for the record, the offending files were: 1) a Code Geass calendar (nothing to do with our releases, but it was stored in my account) 2) One chapter of Coppelion 3) One chapter of Witch Craft Works. The first two files were reported some months ago and I deleted those links immediately, but I was lazy and didn’t delete WCW immediately. It doesn’t matter anyway, what it’s done, it’s done.

Paradise Residence Kosuke Fujishima finally said goodbye to his wonderful series Ah! Megamisama, so he will continue with Paradise Residence starting next month. The series was on hiatus since… what, 2011? I don’t even remember. The last chapter published in Japan was chapter 7, but the time between chapters 6 and 7 was extremely long. As a matter of fact, the only reason to publish ch7 after so long was to promote the first volume of the light novel of Paradise Residence. I really hated that, cause after that chapter, the manga went back on hiatus again. What a cheap sales trick. I was so disappointed, that I lost interest in Paradise Residence, even when we had cleaned raws and scripts for chapters 6 & 7, so we never released those chapters. Anyway, now that the series is going to return, I guess we could give it a try again. We’ll publish chapters 6-7 in the next days, and if we get a translator, we could release the new chapters too. So now you know it: please come and help us if you know Japanese.

Ziggurat People has ben asking for more ziggurat now and then, but we have no translator to continue. We have raws, and the next chapter is already cleaned, we only need scripts. So please, come and help us.

Teppu After the arc of Mawatari is done, it will be time for the epic (it cannot be other way) fight between Mawatari and Natsuo. I expect several double pages to join, so if you want to see a chapter with no delays, come and help to redraw those files. Really guys, don’t think it twice. As much as I love Teppu and I don’t mind to do the whole cleaning, Teppu is not the only series we are doing.

Witch Craft Works The series is licensed, 4chan already released all the chapters available in Japan, and mediafire suspended my account for hosting those files. Wow! it seems we are kicked out of the picture. Well, we have the policy of not touch licensed series, but…. come onnnnn!!! it’s WCW!!!! We’ll delete eventually all the old files and keep only the new chapters, but for now, we are still doing the series. At our snail pace. Sorry for that.

New project We are getting ready to start a new series. The work for that project started a long time ago, and we now have the first volume completely translated. We have 2 translators for the series, but no cleaners nor typesetters. Come and help!!! The name of the series will be revealed in a few days, but I’ll give you some details: it has romance and a little comedy. It’s a set of short sweet stories about couples and their first kiss.

Itadaki & Sugar wa Otoshigoro
We need translators for these series. They are currently on halt, help us to continue!

What about the other active series? there’s nothing much to report, everything is going mostly okay. Just wait for the releases. Okay, that’s all for now.

Animexis Scans Status – February 2014

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. Our last post was 2 months ago and it wasn’t even a release. This post is to explain what the heck is going on here at animexis.

The full story is kinda long, and you probably are not interested in the drama in my life, so all I can say is that I had to move for second time in less than a year to a new home. Last December I had to invest all my time looking for a new job and home (yup, a new job too) and I finally moved the first days of January. I landed a temporal job a few days later. Then I had to reorganize everything at home. There were no basic services (I still have no phone line nor internet) and all my stuff was stored in boxes. I still have some boxes to unpack even now, but I’m getting near to get a stable life. However, I’m kinda worried about my internet connection: the only provider available in the area says that currently there a no plans to give service to new users, so now I have to share the slow wi-fi network of my kind neighbor. Bye-bye anime in streaming via crunchyroll *sigh* I guess I won’t need that subscription anymore. Now I have to spend some hours to download a single chapter by torrent. Oh, well, enough of that. Let’s go to the scanlation stuff:


My last contact with the translator who was helping us was 2 months ago, so we have no translator for Teppu. I had to ask Cham (for those who don’t know, he’s the translator of WCW) to translate chapter 23, and so he did, so expect a release in a few days, I just need to edit the chapter. It’s a long chapter, but I’ll try to have it done this weekend. For chapter 24 I’ll ask another pal to help us. If no one is available, I’ll have to pay for a script or something, I’ll figure out something, but don’t worry, Teppu is by far my favorite manga series, and I want to keep reading that epic series as much as you do, believe me.

Witch Craft Works

As I said before, Cham had to spend some time translating Teppu instead of WCW, but don’t worry, it was only for one chapter, so more WCW is coming soon. The arc of Takamiya-kun vs Weekend is about to finish, and I hope we can finish it in some weeks.

And the other series? well, we have a scripts done for Isuca, Deus Ex Machina and Wrestle the undergound. There are other pending stuff to release, like Yuzuchu, Shururun, Mirai Nikki Erasure and others, but the most important stuff (Teppu and WCW) comes first.

Oh, by the way: we are fine about raws, so don’t worry. The only exception is that I was stupid enough to not buy on time the magazine Young Animal Island and we have no raws for Itadaki ch10 – the magazine is sold out and we won’t be able to buy it. But let’s not worry about that one for now.

Well, that’s all for now. Expect more news and updates in a few days, I need to dedicate all my free time getting ready the next release of Teppu and WCW. See you soon, pals!

Group Links Removed in mangaupdates

So the day is finally here….

Notice in mangaupdates:

Group Links Removed
As some eagle-eyed users have noticed, all website and forum links for all scanlation groups have disappeared. In addition to this, none of the IRC links are clickable anymore; they remain as plain text. We regret to inform all of you that we have received a DMCA takedown notice. Of course, we wish to keep MangaUpdates running, so we had to resort to these measures. The representative of the group that submitted the DMCA has so far said these actions are enough.

Despite these changes, our release and group submission policies remain the same. Releases must be from scanlation groups that exist according to MangaUpdates, meaning they must have a group entry. In order to have a group entry, the group still needs to submit one or more of the following: website, forum, Twitter, Facebook, and IRC channel. The website and forum will not be displayed anywhere on MangaUpdates though. These pieces of information will be for our own purposes in order to verify the existence of a release. We continue to strive to display accurate information for all series, groups, and releases, so we will check the validity of every submitted release. If you feel a release is fake, you can submit a Change Request, and we will double check your claim.

Thank you for continuing to use MangaUpdates.

– lambchopsil & Manick

I guess it was a matter of time for this to happen. Most of the traffic to this site comes from mangaupdates, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same for all the other small groups, so this will be a big hit for scanlators, which I’m pretty sure are the real target of that DCMA notice. I wonder how this “little” change is gonna affect the traffic we get or the exposure for our releases. Most of the trafic will move to batoto and other manga reader sites, that’s for sure. Well, it’s not like we need the extra traffic, we don’t even have ads in the site, but it’s gonna feel kinda lonely with no one visiting us. At least they still keep the twitter and facebook links, so you can get every notice from us in those social networks, but it’s gonna be a pain in the neck to get the website address for small groups with no twitter nor facebok page. Well, things are going to be interesting in this new round against scanlations…

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