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We need staff!!!

Well, things are not going well here for most of our series, so we need help ASAP. While it’s not new for animexis to be under staffed (it’s more like a permanent thing), this time things are getting too dangerous. Let’s see the details:

Witch Craft Works
Cham retired from active duty some days ago, so we don’t have a translator for this series. Should we try to get a replacement? 4chan has already released everything available, and in any case, the series is licensed and an official release will be available in the near future anyway. Is there someone willing to help us?

Our translator has been promising week after week that he would hand over a script, but it’s clear that it’s not going to happen. So yeah, Isuca is again in need of a translator. I think I can get a temporal replacement for one chapter, but we really need a permanent translator for this series. HEEEEEELP!!! onegai? Update: the translator is baack! So we are safe for now.

Fortunately, we are fine about translations. But our proofer, who was doing a great job, seems to be no longer active, so we need a new proofer. It should be easy to find one, don’t you think? Wrong!! it’s actually very hard to find a good proofer. A lot of them get a little too carried away and try to improve the flow of the dialogue, only to modify the script changing the original meaning of several sentences. That’s a no-no! We need a good proofer who can really improve the dialogues and fix the grammar without changing the meaning of the sentences. Update: the proofer is also back in business! again, we are safe for now.

Hozuki-san chi no aneki plus imouto
We need a proofer for this series. Same requirements as above. Also, if he/she can work fast would be a very nice plus. With more people involved in a project, there are more chances for delays when someone of the staff is slow. Unfortunately most of the times that “someone” is me, so that position is already filled!! (not exactly a joke, but…) Update: We have 2 applications for proofer, so we are good for now.

Some other series are in the same status: Ziggurat (no translator) and Sugar Wa Otoshigoro (no translator)

Update: We still need translators for WCW, Ziggurat and Sugar.

If someone is willing to help, please use the contact form and send me a message. Thanks!

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  1. Hi, I’ve read the above about you already finding proof-readers for the scans (especially Teppu) but if you ever need anyone to proof-read again I’d be happy to take on the role 🙂

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