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About us

So you suddenly got here and you have no idea what’s this place… Okay, if you are lost, this site is about manga scanlations. We import manga from Japan (only titles not licensed in English), and then we scan and translate them so that you can read them in English. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, that’s us. Animexis Scans was born in 2008 and we like manga a lot. Our most popular projects are Hozuki-san chi no aneki, Isuca, Teppu and Witch Craft Works. Go read them now, you won’t regret it. By the way, we are in permanent need of translators and cleaners, so if you know your stuff, lend us your m4d skillz and join the fun.

Thanks for your visit, come again soon!


  1. You in need of any typesetters? I would like to work on Isuca.

  2. Must we need to be experienced? And if not, do we need to have Adobe Photoshop or something?

  3. to tell the truth never ones done that job of cleaner , after doing some research is just redrawing well im pretty confident whit my skills if you guys are still in need for cleaners send me the call .

    By the way nice jobs so far , cheers.

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