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Pink de Pink – ch.7-8 (End)

Our last release of this series was so long ago that you probably don’t remember anything about the plot. Same here. Hahaha! Don’t worry, just go to our online reader and read the complete thing in one go. Thank you very much to Webbmaster62 and Nic of Random Scanlations who contacted us to share the scripts of the last 2 chapters. And with perfect timing, because we didn’t have a translator to complete the series. Well, go get it and enjoy it!

Pink de Pink

Pink de Pink – Final Chapters

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Since this is the last release for Pink de Pink, some members of the staff have some parting words for the series. Most of them have quit scanlation, so we were lucky to be able to contact them. Here you are:

DragoZERO (Cleaning, QC, Proofreading)
Wow. It’s been a long journey with this series. This was the series that actually brought me to Animexis in the first place! Scanlating Pink was a challenge for all of us. Believe it or not, the translation was rather tricky at times. Going back and forth with multiple translators and then editing the script to make it flow was surprising… since it’s a borderline H series and all. Goes to show you that just because something has sex in it, that doesn’t mean it has little to no thought in it. I hope everyone enjoyed this series, although short it is a fun read. I thank the staff who helped with this project, especially Kanapox for starting it! Also, thanks to the readers who supported us.

Yours in scanlating,

Shadow-Skill (Translation)
I don’t really have much to say, it was one of those sex sells type manga that didn’t have much in terms of overall story. It tried, but as you can see from the abrupt end and the rush to the finish, they failed. But it was a fun ride while it lasted.

RedSavant (Translation)
Hm… well, though I couldn’t finish the series, I did enjoy the work I did get done on it. It’s got a surprising amount of heart for a porn series, and I’m glad we were able to get it done.

aruigus808 (Cleaning)
I quite honestly don’t remember too much from this series. I’m a very forgetful person so that doesn’t surprise me too much. What I do remember from this series is that I was on Xbox Live and talking with some friends and I said to them, “I’m cleaning a page from a manga where there’s a girl with a crows head…what the hell am I doing?” Besides that, I’m happy to hear that you guys finished the series.

MariaAngela (Proofreading)
Wow, another good project done. Good job everyone! I just did two chapters but it was a pleasure working with everyone for this group! Though it was my first ecchi manga project but still I had fun!

Kanapox (Raws, Cleaning, Typesetting, QC)
Man, we finally finished Pink de Pink! I really hope we do better in future projects. Thanks a lot to all the staff for their help to finish this one, and special thanks to the fellows of Random Scanlations who shared the scripts of the last 2 chapters.

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