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Isuca – ch.25 (ver.2)

The keyword in this release is “boobs”. Man, that Suseri is quite a nice cute little thing to see. Too sexy to be animated, I can already see the censorship in the upcoming anime version of Isuca. Oh, well, enjoy the release!

Isuca chapter 25

Isuca ch.25 – Friend

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Isuca was brought to you by:
Translation: Shirohikari
Raws/Cleaning/Typesetting: Kanapox
Proofing: Noxshade

EDIT: We are releasing a version 2 due to the rushed release last time. Sorry about that, next time we’ll spend more time proofing the script.

More Isuca is coming soon. For updates of our status, please check the shoutbox. See ya laters, pals.

Isuca – ch.24

Oh, my!! more Isuca! I really hope next chapter comes soon enough. For now, enjoy the chapter.

Isuca chapter 24

Isuca ch.24 – School (3)

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Isuca was brought to you by:
Translation: Shirohikari
Proofing/Typesetting: Noxshade
Raws/Cleaning/QC: Kanapox

Starting this chapter we are switching from magazine raws to tankoubon raws. After chapter 26, there are 3 short chapters not directly related to the main plot, one of them was printed both in the magazine and the tankoubon, other only in the tankoubon, and the the last one only in the magazine. Kinda confusing, meh.

I dont have a promised date for the next chapter, it depends on several things, but rest assured we’ll do our best to bring it soon.

Isuca – ch.23

Yai! Finally, more Isuca! Enjoy the chapter.

Isuca chapter 23

Isuca ch.23 – School (2)

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Brought to you thanks to:
Raws/Cleaning/QC: Kanapox
Translation: Shirohikari

We had to suspend Isuca for a while cause Lucifell is no longer translating, but fortunately we got a new translator, so thanks to Shirohikari for coming to rescue us. If you haven’t done so, remember to like us in facebook or follow us in twitter. I was busy all the past month, so let me catch my breath while I go to check what’s gonna be released next. See you soon, pals.

Isuca – ch.22

Sakuya is trying to get closer to Shinichirou, but he’s so dumb he’s not getting it. Somebody help that gal! Enjoy the chapter.

Isuca chapter 22

Isuca ch.22 – School (1)

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