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Isuca – ch.25 (ver.2)

The keyword in this release is “boobs”. Man, that Suseri is quite a nice cute little thing to see. Too sexy to be animated, I can already see the censorship in the upcoming anime version of Isuca. Oh, well, enjoy the release!

Isuca chapter 25

Isuca ch.25 – Friend

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Isuca was brought to you by:
Translation: Shirohikari
Raws/Cleaning/Typesetting: Kanapox
Proofing: Noxshade

EDIT: We are releasing a version 2 due to the rushed release last time. Sorry about that, next time we’ll spend more time proofing the script.

More Isuca is coming soon. For updates of our status, please check the shoutbox. See ya laters, pals.


  1. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the release!

  3. hi,

    first of all thanks for still releasing this series. but i cannot completely agree with what you said about the anime. since the production company is ARMS nudity is veeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrry likely and they broadcasted several series from this animation studio uncensored on AT-X (the last two ikkitousen series and the samurai bride series among others). worst case would be to have to wait for the uncensored bd’s. to begin with the ecchi level in this series isn’t too extreme anyway so i doubt they would have to skip some parts because of moral issues.

    • Really? I’m glad then, cause it’d be a crime to block Suseri’s magnificent breasts.

  4. Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  5. Holy hell, this chapter could have used another proofreading pass.

    You don’t have to rush just because another group releases. Take your time, you guys do quality work.

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