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Teppu – ch.27

Time for more Teppu, pals! The bout of Mawatari resumes and we learn that Pac Duna is actually Korean, so as of today her name is Park Du-na. Sorry, but we didn’t know until this chapter. By the way, she looks awesome! And those freckles are just too damn cute… I whish she were a regular character in the series. Enjoy the chapter!

Teppu chapter 27

Teppu 27 – Mawatari, Your Eyebrows Are Thick, Girl

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Teppu was brought to you by:
Translation: AnonymouSA
Everything else: Kanapox

The next chapter of Teppu is expected in Japan next week, but we’ll need as usual like 2 weeks to work on it. Our next releases will be Isuca 25 and Hozuki 3. Both of them are translated, we only need to clean those chapters. We need a couple of good cleaners to speed up the releases of Isuca, is anyone interested? mail me at kanapox(at)animexis.org

In the past days I was reading and incredible good manga that seems to be forgotten: 3-gatsu no lion (March comes in like a lion). If any translator is interested, please mail me, somebody has to continue that manga!! You need to have some knowledge of shogi, since a lot of the plot involves descriptions of the shogi matches of the main character.

Before I go: if you can afford it, please support us with a donation so that we can buy manga to scanlate. See you later, pals!


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