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Video of Ryu Mizunagi drawing Witch Craft Works

I saw this video some days ago on the news of Crunchyroll and forgot to post it here. For those who missed that post, here you have that video, go to the link below for more details. The illustration belongs to the cover of the magazine Good Afternoon#37, shown below.

Good! Afternoon # 37

Source: Crunchyroll news

Witch Craft Works – ch.25

The battle against Weekend continues, here’s more Witch Craft Works for you!

Witch Craft Works

WCW 25 – Takamiya-kun vs Weekend (part 8)

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Witch Craft Works is brought to you by:
Raws/QC: Kanapox
Translation: Cham
Cleaning: Havertony/Kanapox

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WCW26 is scanned and waiting for translation and cleaning. On other things: our next release will be Yuzu chu 1 and Deus Ex Machina 23. Teppu 22 is done 40%, but I still need to join 5 double pages. The plan is to release it next Sunday if possible. Is there any good redrawer around there to help? WCW and Teppu have too many double pages and it’s being a pain in the neck. Also, we need translators! we have some series where we need translators to either continue or finish the projects. Finally, if you can, please help us with your donations to keep buying raws. See ya!

Teppu – ch.21

If you liked chapter 20, you are gonna love this one! This chapter was published in Japan last year (May 7th) just before the series went on hiatus. It was awesome, but the cliffhanger was unbearable. I was sad for a long time thinking that Teppu would never come back, but fortunately I was wrong. I could go on, but enough already, go get it and enjoy!

Teppu chapter 21

Teppu 21 – Barking dogs don’t bite.

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Teppu was brought to you by:
Raws/QC: Kanapox
Translation: Arcane
Proofing: Anonymous
Cleaning/Typesetting: Kanapox

I know, I know, you must be thinking “when can I read the next chapter?”. Well, I got yesterday the translation of ch22, and I’m already getting ready to scan the raws. It’s a long chapter and it needs some redrawings, so I think you can read it some time in the next week. Besides, we still need to release Witch Craft Works and our other series, you know? Right now there are only 2 cleaners in the group (myself included) so if you know how to redraw, come and lend us your m4d skillz! Regarding the translation front, we are in a very serious crisis. Several of our series are in halt due to lack of translators, even 3 series that we were planning to start are in that condition. We can publish 2 or 3 chapters of each of those series, but that’s all we have. So, if you know Japanese, come now!

Witch Craft Works anime trailer

The anime version of Witch Craft Works is expected for January and there’s already an official website with a trailer, images, and staff info. Go to the link below for more details.

Source: ANN

Teppu – ch.20

That. Stare. Yeah! Your favorite badass heroine is here. Enjoy the chapter!

Teppu chapter 20

Teppu 20 – Your eyebrows are as thick as usual today.

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Teppu was brought to you by:
Raws/QC: Kanapox
Translation: Arcane
Proofing: anonymous
Cleaning: Harumi
Redrawings: Koisei Scans
Typesetting: Harumi

Thanks a lot to the Brazilian scanlation group Koisei Scans for the great redrawings. I was meaning to release earlier this chapter, but for some reason, when a chapter has more than 20-30 pages, I face some kind of wall and it takes me much longer than expected to work with it. Anyway, it’s done. Chapter 21 is already translated, but I need to clean it, so if everything is fine it should be released around Tuesday. I just saw the public raws for chapter 22 and… WOW! what a chapter. Ohta Moare is really back! I sent those raws to our translator, but for the cleaning I’d rather wait until I get the latest Good! Afternoon and scan by myself that chapter.

We are going to prepare some nice goodies for our 5th anniversary next month, so we need your help. A couple of translators and cleaners is very much needed! That’s all for now pals. See ya!

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