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Witch Craft Works anime trailer

Witch Craft Works anime trailer

The anime version of Witch Craft Works is expected for January and there’s already an official website with a trailer, images, and staff info. Go to the link below for more details.

Source: ANN


  1. everytime i hear about WCW anime i get mad again.
    this is going to become an anime original and out of all the manga to anime adoptions this was one of the few i wanted to stay faithful to manga ! money milking bastards going after unfinished manga all time.

    • Well, leaving the plot aside, maiwaifu Kasumi-chan is NOT blonde!! For some reason I was expecting her to be blonde because in the manga there’s no reason to think otherwise. Oh, well, let’s pray they do a good job. But the current plot is far to be complete, so in the anime they will probably cut the story with a crappy ending.

      • I totally agree. I hate it when that happens. It happened with the original FMA anime, the Trigun anime, and a bunch of others that I forget but the point still stands.

  2. I’d be looking forward to this if it wasn’t being done by J.C. Staff. They have a habit of making nothing but shit and adaptations that are mediocre at their very best.

  3. I got yesterday the latest Good Afternoon and it includes 3 pages with images and info about the anime version. Nothing new really, just the sames images from the official site, but I’ll scan and post those images later. I won’t ask Cham to translate them, we better focus in translating more chapters of the manga.

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