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Original Title: 頂! (Itadaki!)
Author: Fumizuki Kou
Genre: Seinen
Serialized In: Young Animal Island (ヤングアニマルあいらんど)
Year: 2011
Status in Japan: Ongoing Series


Tateyama Sukai has just transferred into a high school filled with “princesses” from wealthy and influential families. In her search for club activites that appeal to her love of physical activity, she comes across a mountain climbing club, and finds herself drawn into the world steep ascents under the open sky.

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Publishing schedule in Japan

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Tankoubon Compilations
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Chapters published in Young Animal Island
Chapter 1: published on ヤングアニマルあいらんど Vol.15 (2011-05-27)
Chapter 2: published on ヤングアニマルあいらんど Vol.16 (2011-09-06)
Chapter 3: published on ヤングアニマルあいらんど Vol.17 (2011.12.28)
Chapter 4: published on ヤングアニマルあいらんど Vol.18 (2012.03.29)
Chapter 5: published on ヤングアニマルあいらんど Vol.19 (2012.06.29)
Chapter 6: published on ヤングアニマルあいらんど Vol.20 (2012.09.28)
Chapter 7: published on ヤングアニマルあいらんど Vol.21 (2012.12.21)
Chapter 8: published on ヤングアニマルあいらんど Vol.22 (2013.03.29)


  1. This is an odd interesting manga, thanks for the new chapter. I can’t wait to see what new wacky thing gonna happen next.l

  2. Mediafire has invalidated the d/l for chapter 5. I didn’t check the others; they may be gone, too.

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