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Love Plus Kanojo no Kako

Love Plus Kanojo no Kako

Original Title: ラブプラス カノジョの過去 (Love Plus Kanojo no Kako)
Author: Wakamiya Hiroaki
Genre: Seinen, Drama
Serialized In: Good! Afternoon
Year: 2010
Status in Japan: Finished series (1 tankoubon; 3 chapters)


Rinko lives alone with her father since the death of her mother seven years ago. She’s not attracted to boys, she is happy with her current lifestyle. She always thought things were going to stay like this forever…

This is a prequel series to Love Plus. This series is about the past of heroine Rinko. For those of you who don’t know, Love Plus is a popular dating sim for the Nintendo DS. It was recently adapted into five manga series.

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Love Plus Kanojo no Kako
Chapter 1: Innocence
Chapter 2: Mother
Chapter 3: Love


Publishing schedule in Japan

Dates in Japanese format: YYYY-MM-DD

Tankoubon Compilations
Single Volume | ラブプラス カノジョの過去 | ISBN: 9784063107081 | 152 pages | 2010.11.05

Chapters published in Good! Afternoon
Ch 1 – Published in Good! Afternoon #10 2010.05.01
Ch 2 – Published in Good! Afternoon #11 2010.07.07
Ch 3 (Final chapter) – Published in Good! Afternoon #12 2010.09.07

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