• Witch Craft Works

    Witch Craft Works

    Takamiya Honoka, a regular student, sits next to Kagari Ayaka, the idol of the school, a perfect girl in every way. Her hostile legion of fans harass anyone close enough to their princess, so Takamiya-kun is always in troubles. One day Takamiya faces an attack from someone unknown, but he is rescued by a powerful sorceress of fire... Kagari Ayaka herself!!

  • Teppu


    Ishidou Natsuo is a gifted girl who can achieve anything she wants in sports. Because of this she is permanently bored, as there aren’t any real challenges to her abilites to make her feel alive. One day she receives an invitation of a merry girl to join her martial arts club. Irritated by her happy expression, Natsuo decides to accept the invitation just as a pretext to beat her up, but she receives a shocking surprise.

  • Isuca


    Looking for a job to pay his rent, Shinichirou is hired to do housekeeping for his classmate Sakuya, but he doesn't know that she belongs to a clan dedicated to exterminate demons, and he's about to help her in that job too!

  • Hozuki-san chi no aneki

    Hozuki-san chi no aneki

    Gorou has a crush on his older step sister Haru. Unfortunately for Gorou, Haru happens to love teasing him sadistically in every way possible. This is a 4-koma crack comedy about their wacky day to day life and interactions.

Witch Craft Works – ch.23

Sorry for the delay, here’s more Witch Craft Works for you. Enjoy!

Witch Craft Works

Ch 23: Takamiya-kun vs Weekend (part 6)

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Brought to you thanks to:
Raws/QC: Kanapox
Translation: Cham
Cleaning: Havertony/Kanapox

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Pheew! It’s done. Next chapter is already cleaned and we are waiting for the translation. Regarding our other projects: Isuca 23 is translated, but the cleaning is pending. Deus Ex Machina 23 and Yuzu chu 1 are waiting for QC. Billionaire Girl 7 is also translated, we are waiting for our pals from RenzokuseiScans to complete the chapter. We still don’t have translator for neither Ziggurat nor Sugar wa Otoshigoro. Do you know Japanese? come and help us to scanlate manga!! Seriously guys, we really need a hand. Also, if you can, please help us with your donations! we are very behind with the funds for raws.

Wrestle! The Under Ground – ch.7

Well, here you are, more wrestle the underground for you. This series is a joint project with our friends of Simple-Scans. Well, enjoy the release.

Wrestle! the Under Ground chapter 7

WTU chapter 7 – My Last Regret

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Deus Ex Machina – ch.22

It’s time for more Deus Ex Machina. This is the first chapter of the last volume, hopefully we’ll be able to finish this series soon, we only need to do five more chapters and we are done. This is a joint project with our friends of Riceballicious, remember to visit them. Enjoy it!

Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina 22: A person and a machine

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Brought to you thanks to:
Raws/Cleaning/Typesetting/QC: Kanapox (animexis)
Translation: x3Rampage (riceballicious)
Proofing:Grenciae (riceballicious)

The next chapter is waiting for QC, but first we’re gonna release Witch Craft Works 23, Wrestle the underground 7 and Yuzuchu 1. Isuca is being translated, so expect it in some days. We are still in a big need of translators, so please join us!!! Several projects are stalled and we really need help. Also, if you can, please us with donations to keep buying raws, we’re getting issues to meet the target.

Itadaki! – ch.4

We had to stop this series for some time due to several issues, so let’s hope we have better luck this time. Thanks a lot to Havertony for his help to continue with this project, he even went as far as getting us a translator for this series. Thanks a lot too to Claire from the German group MangaUnlimited for the translation. Enjoy the chapter!

Itadaki! chapter 4

Itadaki! ch.4 – Hiking!

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Brought to you thanks to:
Raws/QC: Kanapox
Translation: Claire (MangaUnlimited)
Cleaning/Typesetting: Havertony

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Teppu – ch.19

It’s time for Sanae to show her stuff in her first fight. Enjoy the chapter!

Teppu chapter 19

Teppu ch.19 – You are so cool, Sanae!

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