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Paradise Residence

Paradise Residence

Original Title: Paradise Residence
Author: Kosuke Fujishima
Genre: Comedy, School life
Serialized In: Good! Afternoon
Year: 2008
Status in Japan: Scheduled to return from a hiatus of 2 years


The new title of Kosuke Fujishima, the creator of Ah! My Goddess. Paradise Residence is about the battles in the first dormitory of the Kikka Institute, where the mama of the dorm is a grade school girl. The main character is Hatsune Takanashi, a student at the Kikka Academy girls’ dormitory. She’s active and straightforward, she has trouble waking up, she hates natto, and one of her main three urges is the lust for conquest!

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Paradise Residence
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Chapter 7 || Coming soon…
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Publishing schedule in Japan

Dates in Japanese format: YYYY-MM-DD

Tankoubon Compilations
none so far

Chapters published in Good! Afternoon
Chapter 01 – Published in Good! Afternoon #01 2008.11.07
Chapter 02 – Published in Good! Afternoon #02 2009.01.19
Chapter 03 – Published in Good! Afternoon #04 2009.05.09
Chapter 04 – Published in Good! Afternoon #05 2009.07.07
Chapter 05 – Published in Good! Afternoon #08 2010.01.07
Chapter 06 – Published in Good! Afternoon #09 2010.03.05
Chapter 07 – Published in Good! Afternoon #13 2010.11.05
Chapter 08 – Published in Good! Afternoon #20 2012.01.07
Series on Hiatus from 2012.01.07 to 2014.05.26
Chapter 09 – To be published in Afternoon 2014.05.26

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  1. Great news! Paradise Residence is returning and moving from Good! Afternoon to Afternoon, replacing Oh! My Goddess on the monthly magazine’s roster! YAY!

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