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Teppu returns in Japan!!


That’s right. After almost 2 years, Teppu is finally coming back. Every issue of Good!Afternoon features at the end a 2-pages spread with news about the next issue, and this time a small box in the issue #36 of Good! Afternoon says that Ohta Moare’s Teppu is coming back in the next edition, on November 7th.


The last chapter of Teppu in Japan, ch21, was published in Good Afternoon#22 on May 7th of 2012. A full page notice about the series’ hiatus was published in the following edition of the magazine.

If you haven’t looked at the raws, don’t dare to do it now, the cliffhanger in ch21 is unbearable! We’ll release chapters 20-21 before ch22 hits the streets in Japan.

Wrestle! The Under Ground – ch.8

Just two words… “Panties Cafe”!! Interested?? Read and enjoy!

Wrestle! The Under Ground is a joint project with our friends of Simple-Scans.

Wrestle! the Under Ground chapter 8

WTU chapter 8 – The Balance of Power

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Raws/QC: Kanapox
Translation: Dailow
Cleaning: Schthaxe
Redraws: Kundumstaf
Proofreading: Bombardier
Typeset: Kyurin

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We need translators for this series!! come and apply, please.

Isuca – ch.23

Yai! Finally, more Isuca! Enjoy the chapter.

Isuca chapter 23

Isuca ch.23 – School (2)

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Brought to you thanks to:
Raws/Cleaning/QC: Kanapox
Translation: Shirohikari

We had to suspend Isuca for a while cause Lucifell is no longer translating, but fortunately we got a new translator, so thanks to Shirohikari for coming to rescue us. If you haven’t done so, remember to like us in facebook or follow us in twitter. I was busy all the past month, so let me catch my breath while I go to check what’s gonna be released next. See you soon, pals.

Witch Craft Works – ch.23

Sorry for the delay, here’s more Witch Craft Works for you. Enjoy!

Witch Craft Works

Ch 23: Takamiya-kun vs Weekend (part 6)

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Brought to you thanks to:
Raws/QC: Kanapox
Translation: Cham
Cleaning: Havertony/Kanapox

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Pheew! It’s done. Next chapter is already cleaned and we are waiting for the translation. Regarding our other projects: Isuca 23 is translated, but the cleaning is pending. Deus Ex Machina 23 and Yuzu chu 1 are waiting for QC. Billionaire Girl 7 is also translated, we are waiting for our pals from RenzokuseiScans to complete the chapter. We still don’t have translator for neither Ziggurat nor Sugar wa Otoshigoro. Do you know Japanese? come and help us to scanlate manga!! Seriously guys, we really need a hand. Also, if you can, please help us with your donations! we are very behind with the funds for raws.

Wrestle! The Under Ground – ch.7

Well, here you are, more wrestle the underground for you. This series is a joint project with our friends of Simple-Scans. Well, enjoy the release.

Wrestle! the Under Ground chapter 7

WTU chapter 7 – My Last Regret

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Please read the notice at the shoutbox for the list of upcoming releases and status. We are in a big need of translators for Sugar Wa Otoshigoro, Isuca, Ziggurat and a couple of new projects, so please join us! Also, please don’t forget to support us with your kind donations if you can. Thanks!

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