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Teppu – ch.22

Teppu continues and it’s now Natsuo vs Sanae! Round 1… FIGHT!

Teppu chapter 22

Teppu 22 – Natsuo, infatuated with karate.

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If you downloaded the version 1 of this file please download again the chapter, there’s a correction I forgot to include (sorry, I was too sleepy.)

Teppu was brought to you by:
Raws/QC: Kanapox
Translation: Arcane
Proofing: Anonymous
Cleaning/Typesetting: Kanapox

The next chapter will be published in Japan on December 7th. We’ll try to publish it a couple of weeks later. Okay, now that Teppu is done, our next release will be Yuzuchu, and then, if we are lucky, Isuca. Say, people, we are one month away to our 5th anniversary, would you like to join us? if you can redraw or if you know Japanese, please come and help us! I’d like to do something nice for that day (Dec 28th). Also, if you can, please help us with a donation to keep buying raws. See ya later!


  1. Yay, thank you!

  2. Super awesome, thanks a lot!!

  3. So what I’m getting from this chapter is that Natsuo’s brother is a fucked up piece of shit and the reason Natsuo is the way she is now, except she doesn’t want to admit it and pushes the blame onto Sanae. Man, if I was in her situation, I’d be an only child by now.

    • Yeah, I agree. Natsuo blames Sanae cause she was far better than her beloved brother and made him look pathetic; and when Natsuo faced Sanae she defeated her. However, we still need to know more about how Sanae was defeated. It must have been something big if Sanae is still so mad about it. I think the reason of Natsuo being as she is now lies on that event in particular. The mistery will probably be revealed in the next chapter in another flashback.

      • Don’t you think there’s something more to it than that? It doesn’t seem like enough to justify how twisted she is. Could be that her father not being around (or so it seems) also has something to do with it. Unless the brother went way further than what they showed him doing.

        • In one of the early chapters when she enters the house he throws something glass at her head hard enough that it breaks when it hits the wall, just for saying hello.

          I think that kind of thing happening regularly alone, especially if it hits sometimes would be enough.

  4. Thank you very much!!! You guys rock! like Natsuo Rocks

  5. Thank you for the releases c:

  6. BIG thanks to you guys! Teppu is definitely one of my biggest favorites and you always deliver it so well! I’m gonna make sure to donate!

    But what do you mean with “Teppu is done”? Will the next chapter be the last?!?! or do you just mean that you finished this particular chapter?

    • Don’t worry, I only meant that the work for that chapter is finally complete and I can move on to the next series in the queue of things to do. It took me several days to clean those 50 pages.

  7. Her brother was jealous of her over abundant talent. This must be what she meant in chapter 1 when she said she was lonely. And because he was a little b**** and couldn’t fight back, he hates
    his sister. Pathetic

  8. Teppuu is my favorite of your series and I don’t say this often enough, so thank you for all your hard work. And I’m so glad it came out of hiatus.

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